Utah's Deadliest Predator Probably Isn't What You Think

When you head for outdoor adventures this Memorial Day weekend and over the summer, you may think about some of the threats you may face. Bears might come and mountain lions might come to mind if you're camping. Rattlesnakes if you're hiking. But even though these animals are deadly predators, they definitely aren't the biggest threat to you. That would be the drunk driver. 

From 2007-2014, rattlesnakes killed zero people per year in Utah. Mountain lions, zero. Bears, 0.125. Drunk drivers - 32. Over the last 7 years, drunk drivers in Utah killed an average of 32 people per year. So the deadliest predator isn't a wolf or a bobcat - it's someone who drinks alcohol and then gets behind the wheel.

What can you do to protect yourself from this predator? First of all, wear your seat belt every time you get in your car - your best defense against a drunk driver is your seat belt. Second - report drunk drivers. Call 911 if you see someone driving erratically. 

If you're going to consume alcohol, don't become a deadly predator. Plan ahead for a safe ride home - designate a sober driver, call a sober friend or a cab. Never drink and drive. If you know someone who is about to drive while impaired, take their keys and help them make other arrangements to get home safely.

Iimpaired driving is 100% preventable. By planning ahead, we can take on and defeat Utah's deadliest predator.

Pre-Game Recognition for the Post Game MVPs

Officers from the Utah Highway Patrol and several other law enforcement agencies, including Farmington, Centerville, West Jordan, Cottonwood Heights, Salt Lake City, Logan and USU PD, headed to tail gates at Utah State and the University of Utah with a special message.

They headed into the tailgate parties equipped with specially made jerseys which featured the number .08 - for the legal blood alcohol limit - and emblazoned with names like "M.Safer" and "Soberskie." Officers visited with fans and gave the jerseys to the folks who were their team's MVP - the designated drivers. 

Fans and officers had a great time interacting and the Utes went on to a great win over USC.


Here's a short video of the festivities and officer interaction at the University of Utah.

Choose Your Ride - If You Drink, Don't Drive

As the college and pro football seasons get off to a start and summer comes to an end, Utah's law enforcement agencies want to remind everyone: if you drink, don't drive. A specially wrapped police car will help bring this message to the public - the back half is wrapped to look like a taxi cab, while the front still looks like a police car.

The message is clear - choose your ride. If you drink and drive, you'll be riding in the police car. If you drink - call a cab or a sober friend for a safe ride home. The half police car half taxi will be on display at the Utah State Fair to help share this important message with people throughout the state.

Can You Drive It? Then You Can Get a DUI

AT SELECT STATE PARKS IN UTAH - Many people will be hitting the road and the water this 4th of July weekend. What many of them might not know is that they can get a DUI even on their boat. To help increase awareness of both driving and boating safety, law enforcement agencies and Utah's State Parks law enforcement joined forces to share an important message: If you can drive it, you can get a DUI.

At several state parks throughout Utah, docks were specially wrapped to show many modes of transportation and highlight the message about the potential to get a DUI. The media was invited to Utah Lake State Park in Provo, where they saw the dock and interviewed officers who enforce Utah's DUI laws - both on the water and on the roads.

Dock at Utah Lake with wrap stating If you can drive it, you can get a DUI

No matter what surface you're traveling on, choose wisely - drive sober.



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