IN THEATERS EVERYWHERE - Summer brings with it a lot of times for celebration - which can include times when people may be faced with the choice to drink and drive.

To help keep safe driving on people's minds, the Utah Department of Public Safety, Utah law enforcement, Brigham Young University and Larry H. Miller Megaplex Theaters have teamed up this year. Students from BYU produced "movie trailers" that mimic the style of the real previews you see before a feature film, but have a very specific message to deliver: don't drink and drive.

"Most Wanted" is designed to look like a Western thriller, complete with legends about Aztec gold, more than one shoot out and a stage coach on the run. The seeming heros of the film are riding off into the sunset when [SPOILER ALERT]  they are pulled over and arrested for drinking and driving.

Watch the 30 second and full length versions here:

"Heist" is an homage to "Ocean's Eleven" and features a team with many talents, including a master of disguise and a demolition specialist. As they drive away and celebrate their seemingly successful crime with some beers,  [SPOILER ALERT] they are pulled over and arrested for drinking and driving (and certainly cited for not wearing their seat belts, too!)

Watch "Heist" here:

Theater goers throughout Utah will see the 30 second versions before movies all summer long in Megaplex and Cinemark theaters. We hope the BYU students are ready for those early morning congratulatory calls when the 2014 Oscar noms are announced in early 2015!