SALT LAKE CITY -- It typically isn't the deadliest holiday weekend in Utah, but the Utah Highway Patrol isn't hedging its bet. Troopers will be out in force over the weekend, conducting DUI checks and helping at least two other agencies with theirs.

Trooper Cameron Roden said they'll be in Salt Lake County, South Salt Lake and Lehi this weekend. Unfortunately, they expect to find plenty of drunk drivers. "It's one of those things that is totally preventable," Roden said.

Department of Public Safety data showsover the last decade, the Labor Day weekend comes in at about the middle of the pack for highway fatalities with an average of 1.1 per day. It's just ahead of Halloween and Thanksgiving. Independence Day tops the list with an average of 1.6 fatalities per day.

So far this year, Roden said 180 people have lost their lives on Utah highways. That compares with 178 for the same time last year.


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