"Block Buster" Summer Safety Message Coming to a Theater Near You

IN THEATERS EVERYWHERE - Summer brings with it a lot of times for celebration - which can include times when people may be faced with the choice to drink and drive.

To help keep safe driving on people's minds, the Utah Department of Public Safety, Utah law enforcement, Brigham Young University and Larry H. Miller Megaplex Theaters have teamed up this year. Students from BYU produced "movie trailers" that mimic the style of the real previews you see before a feature film, but have a very specific message to deliver: don't drink and drive.

"Most Wanted" is designed to look like a Western thriller, complete with legends about Aztec gold, more than one shoot out and a stage coach on the run. The seeming heros of the film are riding off into the sunset when [SPOILER ALERT]  they are pulled over and arrested for drinking and driving.

Watch the 30 second and full length versions here:



"Heist" is an homage to "Ocean's Eleven" and features a team with many talents, including a master of disguise and a demolition specialist. As they drive away and celebrate their seemingly successful crime with some beers,  [SPOILER ALERT] they are pulled over and arrested for drinking and driving (and certainly cited for not wearing their seat belts, too!)

Watch "Heist" here:



Theater goers throughout Utah will see the 30 second versions before movies all summer long in Megaplex and Cinemark theaters. We hope the BYU students are ready for those early morning congratulatory calls when the 2014 Oscar noms are announced in early 2015!

Just a Little Drunk Will Still Get You A Lot Arrested

SALT LAKE CITY - St. Patrick's Day is a time when many people raise a pint in celebration of all things Irish. But some folks are celebrating with a toast and then getting behind the wheel: in 2013, March is the month that had the most arrests for DUI in Utah.

To help remind Utahns that even a small amount of alcohol can mean they're impaired and shouldn't drive, the Utah Highway Safety Office and law enforcement agencies are partnering with local bars. Starting March 14th, partons visiting select bars and restaurants for a St. Patrick's Day celebratory drink may receive a spcial message about drinking and driving - either below their glass or on the shirt of their server. Specially designed coasters and t-shirts worn by servers will share messages with Utahns, "A little drunk, a lot arrested" depicting an "unlucky" leprechaun dressed in jailhouse black and white stripes. The message is that buzzed driving IS drunk driving. Over the limit means you'll be under arrest.

As Utahns make plans for St. Patty's Day, they should make sure to include a plan for a safe ride home - designate a sober driver, plan to call a cab or a sober friend. They can make sure they don't get pinched (by handcuffs for DUI) by driving sober.



The Zombies Return for Another Halloween

SALT LAKE CITY - According to Wikipedia, zombies are "fictional undead creatures regularly encountered in horror and fantasy themed works." Given that this will be their second appearance in three years in Salt Lake City, it's safe to say that zombies are regularly encountered in Utah, too.

Although in many movies and TV shows, zombies are the enemies of mankind, the zombies that appear in Utah are actually partnering with local law enforcement agencies. That's right - the undead and the alive are working together. 

The common goal - stop drunk driving. Zombies Against Drunk Driving made its debut in October 2011, with a formal press conference at Nightmare on 13th. 

Well, as horror fans like to say, "They're baaaaack." This year, they'll be mxing with the public, bringing their message about the dangers of impaired driving directly to the streets.

Look for them at City Creek Mall and the Green Pig Pub. Or find them on their website zombiesagainstdrunkdriving.com. But you should always be alert - looking over your shoulder, to make sure no zombies are following you.

We'll post pictures to our Facebook, Twitter and Instgram accounts - find us at facebook.com/UtahHighwaySafetyOffice or at twitter.com/UtahDPS_HSO or at instagram.com/utahdpshso

Grilling Up Something Good: Summer Safety

STATEWIDE - Summer is a time for good weather, good food and good fun. Utah law enforcement agencies and Lowe's Home Improvement Centers throughout Utah are joining forces to remind Utahns to keep things fun, and keep their summer gatherings free from drunk driving.

Two unique designs will make chefs want to toss their "Kiss the Cook" aprons aside. 



The officer-inspired look reminds cookout attendees that "Cops are everywhere this weekend." And they are: all summer long, officers will be working overtime shifts to remove impaired drivers from Utah's roadways. When you plan your summer activities, make sure that a safe way home is one of the first things you plan.

The inmate-inspired look provides a glimpse of what cookout attendees will see if they don't plan a safe way home: "This is a bad way to end a BBQ." Most definitely a bad way - jail, an impounded car, a suspended license - and that's if someone doesn't get seriously injured or killed.

Lowe's Home Improvement Centers throughout Utah will be giving the aprons to patrons who ask or who purchase a new BBQ for their summer celebrations. They will also be displaying banners reminding all customers to have a safe summer.


Even if you don't drink alcohol, remember that your best defense against a drunk driver is to always wear your seat belt!

Keep your summer safe and fun - designate a sober driver, call a sober friend or cab - just make sure you don't drink and drive.



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