SALT LAKE CITY - St. Patrick's Day is a time when many people raise a pint in celebration of all things Irish. But some folks are celebrating with a toast and then getting behind the wheel: in 2013, March is the month that had the most arrests for DUI in Utah.

To help remind Utahns that even a small amount of alcohol can mean they're impaired and shouldn't drive, the Utah Highway Safety Office and law enforcement agencies are partnering with local bars. Starting March 14th, partons visiting select bars and restaurants for a St. Patrick's Day celebratory drink may receive a spcial message about drinking and driving - either below their glass or on the shirt of their server. Specially designed coasters and t-shirts worn by servers will share messages with Utahns, "A little drunk, a lot arrested" depicting an "unlucky" leprechaun dressed in jailhouse black and white stripes. The message is that buzzed driving IS drunk driving. Over the limit means you'll be under arrest.

As Utahns make plans for St. Patty's Day, they should make sure to include a plan for a safe ride home - designate a sober driver, plan to call a cab or a sober friend. They can make sure they don't get pinched (by handcuffs for DUI) by driving sober.