AT SELECT STATE PARKS IN UTAH - Many people will be hitting the road and the water this 4th of July weekend. What many of them might not know is that they can get a DUI even on their boat. To help increase awareness of both driving and boating safety, law enforcement agencies and Utah's State Parks law enforcement joined forces to share an important message: If you can drive it, you can get a DUI.

At several state parks throughout Utah, docks were specially wrapped to show many modes of transportation and highlight the message about the potential to get a DUI. The media was invited to Utah Lake State Park in Provo, where they saw the dock and interviewed officers who enforce Utah's DUI laws - both on the water and on the roads.

Dock at Utah Lake with wrap stating If you can drive it, you can get a DUI

No matter what surface you're traveling on, choose wisely - drive sober.