SALT LAKE CITY - According to Wikipedia, zombies are "fictional undead creatures regularly encountered in horror and fantasy themed works." Given that this will be their second appearance in three years in Salt Lake City, it's safe to say that zombies are regularly encountered in Utah, too.

Although in many movies and TV shows, zombies are the enemies of mankind, the zombies that appear in Utah are actually partnering with local law enforcement agencies. That's right - the undead and the alive are working together. 

The common goal - stop drunk driving. Zombies Against Drunk Driving made its debut in October 2011, with a formal press conference at Nightmare on 13th. 

Well, as horror fans like to say, "They're baaaaack." This year, they'll be mxing with the public, bringing their message about the dangers of impaired driving directly to the streets.

Look for them at City Creek Mall and the Green Pig Pub. Or find them on their website But you should always be alert - looking over your shoulder, to make sure no zombies are following you.

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