DUI Penalties

There are many penalties and consequences for driving under the influence. Here is some detailed information about what you'll be facing if you choose to drink and drive.

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Driver License Suspension  41-6a-509

120 days your license will be suspended for DUI     

 Ignition Interlock Device   41-6a-518.2

            man using ignition interlock device


Fines and Fees

$10K is the estimated fines and fees youll face for a DUI

 Refuse a breath or blood test  41-6a-520

driver license will be revoked for 18 months for refusing a breath test




DUI Statutes


Penalties for Minors

Minors are not legally allowed to consume alcohol. The penalties they face for drinking and driving are serious and severe.


Not A Drop Law 53-3-231

minors may not operate a vehicle with any detectable amount of alcohol in their system;

Minor Arrested for DUI 41-6a-509

     Minors get their driver license suspended for DUI


Sentencing Guidlines for Minors