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Drunk driving is a problem that affects us all. The Highway Safety Office collaborates with many safety and prevention partners to better educate the community about the dangers of impaired driving and underage drinking. Please take a moment to learn more.


The E.A.S.Y. program is an intergrated and focused approach that aims to create total community mobilization to reduce underage drinking in Utah.

Impaired Driving

Through prevention, education and enforcement efforts, the Alcohol Program seeks to sustain Utah's reduced trend in alcohol-related fatalities and serious injury rates.

Youth Alcohol

Law enforcement task forces and community organizations target underage drinking with comprehensive and innovative methods.

A statewide effort to eliminate the misuse of prescription drugs through education about safe use, storage and disposal. Driving under the influence of prescription drugs is dangerous and life-threatening.

Traffic Safety Marketing

This site is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's communications resources for states, partner organizations and highway safety professionals. It includes everything from print, TV and radio ads to sample news releases and drop-in articles. All of these resources are free and you are encouraged to use and share them in your community.

Stop Impaired Driving

This site is designed to provide you with information and resources to fight drunk driving in your community.

ParentsEmpowered focuses on teaching parents how to help their kids stay alcohol-free. This initiative teaches the dangerous effects of drinking underage and how to combate it by creating strong relationships, setting no-alcohol rules and closely monitoring children.