The Numbers

Data and statistics about driving under the influence in Utah. Find detailed information in Utah's crash summaries and fact sheets or please contact us.



In addition to regular patrols, law enforcement officers throughout Utah work overtime shifts specifically to find and remove impaired drivers from Utah's roadways. These shifts include saturation patrols as well as check points.

DUI arrests in Utah 2010-2014   

  DUI arrests by age in Utah graph             Chart showing DUI arrests by age

Males were 72% of those arrested for DUI in 2014 while females were 25%



Crashes involving drunk drivers are some of the most violent. They frequently result in the death of the drunk driver as well as innocent victims.

Fatal Crashes Involving Drunk Drivers Utah 2005-2014

           chart showing DUI deaths in Utah 2005-2014

Chart showing person killed in drunk driver crashes